According to popular folklore, wisdom comes with age. What could be wiser than choosing compassion, vibrant health, and a vast, delicious cuisine to be the guiding principles in our life?

We wrote Never Too Late to Go Vegan to introduce you to a lifestyle that brings all of those things plus a new sense of purpose, and a new experience of power to affect change. That’s what it has done for us and for countless others who choose a vegan way of life.

Imagine if reaching retirement age was just as exciting as entering high school or getting accepted to college. Imagine that this milestone is, like those, an opportunity to widen our perspective on the world, encounter new, interesting people and ideas, develop new skills, and share what we learn to help others. Veganism offers all of this, and it is yours for the taking whether you are still working or long into retirement.

And in veganism, there is something that ties together many of the aspects of positive aging. If aging makes people feel they have less influence and power in the world, veganism offers a strong rebuttal to that feeling. We love the amazing health benefits that come with plant-based diets. We love that our choices do not hurt animals. We love that the food we eat reduces the methane production that is a major contributor to global climate change.

And we especially love that it’s easier than ever to eat this way. In our blog, we’ll be adding tips and ideas to supplement the material in our book, all aimed at guiding you through a range of choices from simple ideas for meals to more elaborate choices for those who enjoy cooking. We’ll be keeping you updated on the latest scientific findings that affect over-50 vegans, too. We’re eager to share with you all of the great news about being vegan after age fifty!

So, no matter where you are in your life right now, please join us on this exciting journey. Because it is truly never too late to go vegan.